Outcast Pancake Mix - 200g

  • R 72.50

This delectable breakfast/snack pancake mix has activated buckwheat and chickpeas, as well as super foods goji berry and maca. No sugar or sugar substitutes such as xylitol to be found here! To prepare, simply add water and mix for 30 seconds. The smooth, creamy batter is now ready for the pan. This is a truly healthy, guilt-free pancake and makes an excellent alternative to smoothies or porridge for vegans and people following a plant based lifestyle. These pancakes have an exquisite ,subtle sweetness and unique flavour, but taste is enhanced by fruit or cream, and a drizzling of "Happy Hunny".

Produces 4-5 plate sized pancake goodness.

Ingredients: Activated buckwheat and chickpeas, goji berries, banana, coconut flakes, maca powder and organic cinnamon.