King Oyster Mushroom Snack - 20g

King Oyster Mushroom Snack - 20g

  • R 47.50

This is the perfect, healthy, savoury snack made from the awesome King Oyster mushroom, which has a hearty Umami flavour that packs a punch and creates an easy to munch on-the-go snack.  The natural flavour of the mushroom is enhanced by delicious tamari sauce, and crushed coriander seeds tie the flavours together.

We are also so excited that this product comes in a biodegradable plastic made from starch. Good for the animals and the environment!

Ingredients: Mushrooms (71%), Organic Tamari Sauce (water, organic soy beans, salt), Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Crushed Coriander Seeds.