Verte Deodorant for Men - Sandalwood - 50ml

Verte Deodorant for Men - Sandalwood - 50ml

  • R 89.00

A natural, vegan deodorant that works!

100% handmade, natural deodorant with no chemicals or preservatives, that is effective in neutralising odour and nourishes the delicate underarm skin at the same time. This deodorant is long-lasting and will leave your skin with a woody aroma and cared for naturally. Sandalwood essential oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

A lovely musky scent for the compassionate gentleman.

Free of parabens and aluminium.

To apply, use fingers to massage a minimal amount of cream onto your underarm, any excess can be rubbed into your hands.

Ingredients: Shea butter, Coconut oil, Cornflour, Bicarb, Tea Tree Essential Oil & Sandalwood Essential Oil.


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