Supershake Chocolate Boost - 200g

Supershake Chocolate Boost - 200g

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Supershake Chocolate Boost - Upgrade your nutrition!

Packed with the power of 6 superfoods plus key superherbs, this Chocolate Boost Super Shake can be used everyday as the ideal way to get more nutrition into your body.
A concentrated and potent synergistic blend of delicious lucuma, creamy mesquite, omega-rich chia and hemp seeds, adaptogenic maca and super-boosted with raw cacao and taheebo, with added cinnamon and vanilla for great taste.

How to use:
For a quick nutrition blast simply add 2 T (30g) Chocolate Boost to 1 C (250ml) water and blend. For an extra creamy and super delicious smoothie add a banana with coconut nectar or honey to sweeten if desired. This energising Super Shake tastes like a chocolate milkshake.

Ingredients: Wildcrafted Mesquite Powder, Cacao Powder*, Chia Seeds*, Lucuma*, Hemp Seeds*, Maca*, Cinnamon, Vanilla Powder, Kalahari Salt, Taheebo

*Certified Organic Ingredients (69,5%), certified by ZA-BIO-140