Liquid Smoke -125ml

Liquid Smoke -125ml

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Brush Liquid Smoke on your favorite meat alternatives to give them that Smoked flavoring. Make awesome dips, dash on sandwiches, spice up your soups, create vegan smoked salmon ....use your imagination and go wild!

Available in three flavours:

Hickory:The product is made from 100% Hickory wood chips. Hickory is your more traditional wood used for smoking. It creates flavour and colour that adds no calories or fat to foods and works very well with sauces. Does not work well with dips. 

Hickory & Oak: The product is a combination of Hickory & Oak wood and so is not as strong as the 100% Hickory. The addition of the Oak creates a slightly smoother taste but still creates flavour and colour that adds no fat to foods. Works very well with seitan, sauces and some dips like Humus. 

European Beech: Good pure and round smoke taste. Dosage is low but the smoke effect is high. This product is slightly sweeter in smell, provides a natural smoke aroma and colour to food products. Works very well with all seitan & sauces as well as softer foods like vegan cheese.

Liquid Smoke is the instant answer for adding smoke flavor to almost any food that would benefit from real smoky flavor and aroma.
Made from smoldering damp wood chips to generate as much smoke as possible. This smoke is then funneled into a condenser where it is cooled and so results in the formation of condensation. This condensation is collected, filtered and purified. 
The end product is highly concentrated liquid smoke which has the same flavour of the wood type used, you are then able to achieve the same taste in your food that would be generated by traditional smoking processes. 



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