Wren Design - Mini Sleeve/Clutch - African Memories Safari

  • R 520.00

iPad Mini sleeve, kindle sleeve, or clutch made from recycled paper. Digitally printed with photographs of safaris in Africa. A gorgeous vegan item that isn't manufactured from PU materials. Cruelty-free AND sustainable!

How are they made?  

Recycled brown paper is collected from a local packaging factory. This is then digitally printed with photographs taken whilst on Safari in Southern Africa. The final pattern is a collage of these photographs that are grouped by colour.

The printed paper is fused to a special cotton to make it strong enough to stitch. Once made up bya team of very skilled seamstresses, the sleeve is sprayed with Nano Liquid Glass to be water resistant.

And there is more: There are two pockets, one for the device and the other for pens, papers, cables, or whatever you wish to use a second pocket for. To close, the iPad sleeve magically hold shut with two magnets that will not damage your iPad mini or kindle.

Height 16.5 cm, Width 21.5 cm