Nature's Charm Bbq Jackfruit - 200g

Nature's Charm Bbq Jackfruit - 200g

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Introducing Nature’s Charm BBQ Jackfruit!

Yet another creation from Natures Charm that combines the versatile Jackfruit with marinated flavours, this time it’s Bar-B-Que! It’s so convenient and makes a perfect sandwich, taco filling or even onto a burger! Try it just with some vegan ‘slaw’ or in a salad, it goes with pretty much anything!

Ingredients: Young Green Jackfruit, Water, Tomato, Cane Sugar, Garlic, Shallot, Salt. Modified Corn Starch, Ginger, Pepper , Mustard Powder, BBQ Flavour, Paprika

Here are a few super tasty recipe’s from our friends over at Carrots and Flowers, head over to their website by clicking on the links below to learn how to make your own Jackfruit Masterpiece!