Grandt Mason Handcrafted Shoe -Men's Loafer

  • R 1,495.00

Finally, a vegan shoe for the conscious consumer, a move away from synthetic leather.

Grandt Mason is South Africa's first eco-footwear brand.
Grandt Mason Footwear produces sustainable footwear of impeccable quality utilizing local artisans working to the principles of fair trade. Their designs are unique, with a focus on ergonomics, correct footfall and the principles of movement. They have been designing and manufacturing sustainable, high-quality and comfortable footwear for men and women since 2002. All products are handmade in their atelier in Cape Town (Woodstock), using fair trade principles,sustainable materials and local resources.

This loafer is made from durable fabric and comes with a one global year guarantee! * The upper is breathable and pre-shrunk, making the shoes machine washable.

The insole is made from pure cork with a padded layer of silicone. Both are 100% bio-
degradable. These natural components are anti-bacterial while allowing the foot to breath and remain cool in Summer and Warm in Winter. Cork never gets wet so the insole always remains dry no matter the conditions. The midsole is made from a woven plant fiber board.
A 3mm cork-rubber wedge is used offering shock absorptive qualities. The wedge also
acts as an indicator when the sole is worn through and should be retreaded. The is a pure rubber, non-slip gristle sole - these soles are retreadable just about anywhere
on the planet. Utilizing this standardized component allows one to prolong the life-span of Grandt Mason shoes no matter where you take them.

The loaf may be dressed up or down and is a great holiday companion due to its versatility. The toe and heel-cap offer support and make this shoe one of the most durable loafers on the market.

By purchasing a pair of Grandt Mason shoes you are investing in an item that won't just last the season, and are supporting local industry. We love the fact that no synthetic leather is used to produce these loafers and that so many of the components are biodegradable!