Wren Design - iPad Sleeve - Flying Fox

  • R 480.00

Jump, leap, spin, flip.. have fun with Lauren Fowler's FLYING FOX Sleeve made out of recycled paper. Cruelty-free AND sustainable!

How are they made? Recycled brown paper is collected from a local packaging factory. This is then screen printed with the FLYING FOX design drawn by Lauren Fowler. The printed paper is then fused to a special cotton to make it strong enough to stitch. Once made up by a team of very skilled seamstresses, the sleeve is sprayed with Nano Liquid Glass to be water resistant.

And there is more: There are two pockets, one for the device and the other for pens, papers, cables or whatever you wish to use a second pocket for. To close, the sleeve magically holds shut with a concealed magnet that will not damage your device.

20.5 x 1 x 26cm